• Question: Why does gravity keep you on the ground when the world is upside down

    Asked by 884newp28 to Triona, Simone, Kieran, Julia, Hugh, Emily on 8 Nov 2018.
    • Photo: Hugh Manning

      Hugh Manning answered on 8 Nov 2018: last edited 8 Nov 2018 9:55 pm

      The world may seem upside down from one point of view but from another point of view it’s right way up.

      This is like when you’re in a car, if you look out of the window you see everything flying by really fast but you’re sitting still, to the people outside the car you drive by and they stand still. It all depends on your frame of reference and your viewpoint.
      Gravity always acts down on our planet and ALWAYS towards the centre of the Earth.

      If you draw the world as a circle and some people seem upside down to the people on the top, But the people on the top will seem upside down to the people on the bottom, its crazy!!
      Whats important is that gravity is a force which pulls them ALL towards the centre like this picture.