• Question: Is it difficult working in such an important role and still be a full time mother?

    Asked by Roisin Crowe to Triona on 13 Nov 2018.
    • Photo: Triona

      Triona answered on 13 Nov 2018:

      Róisín, that is a very thoughtful question. Before we had children, I thought I could probably not do both – be a mother and work this job.I did not have any role models – mothers who worked outside of the home or who worked in industry. My work environment was predominantly male.
      We just took it one day at a time when our daughter was first born. We found a wonderful child minder and she worked for us and helped us to get it to work.
      Both my son and daughter now say they are really glad I work outside of the home. They are proud of what we do at Stryker and glad I’m not always focused on them – they think they wouldn’t get to breathe if I was not distracted by work!! They could be right.
      The other side of it is that their Dad, who also works full time, does his share with looking after them and always has – he is very hands on.
      I am very careful to keep perspective – at home and at work.
      Now, there are many more girls/women/mothers in my workplace and there is enormous recognition within Stryker and all industry that we need more females – they bring a lot to the business – and we need to make it work.
      I’m really happy I stuck with it!