• Question: did you always know you wanted to study what it is that your studying and did your family agree that you should study this?

    Asked by 432newp24 to Kieran, Emily on 11 Nov 2018.
    • Photo: Kieran

      Kieran answered on 11 Nov 2018:

      I think it was around third year in secondary school that I decided a wanted to study medicine. Then after I finished school I started university and studied medicine for 3 years and now I’m taking a break from it to be a researcher and scientist for 3 years.

      I was always a bit of a nerd so my parents never told me to study. I knew what I wanted to study after I finished school and my family always supported me.

      Not everyone knows what they want to study after school and that’s okay too! Just try to find something you’re interested in and passionate about and you’ll do just fine!